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HP Omnibook XE XE2 Pavilion N3000 Series Laptop Battery
12V DC Peak Charger for 6.0V 7.2V 8.4V Rechargeable Battery Pack
TENERGY NU58 Cordless Phone Battery
11.1 volt 3850mAh 8C Li Poly Pack
4 pcs of NiCd 4 5AA Size 1100 mAh Rechargeable battery New
Battery for Fujitsu Amilo A7620 D7830 D8830 L6820 Series Laptops Li Ion 14.8v 4000mAh NEW [OEM]
Battery for Compaq Presario 1200 1600 1800 Series Laptops Li Ion 14.4v 3600mAH NEW [Generic]
3 4 inch Shrink Wrap Tube
TENERGY NU70 Cordless Phone Battery
One 9.6V 3000mAh High Power NiMH Battery for AirSoft Rifles or Cars
Airline Power Adapter
7.4 volt 1250mAh 8C Li Poly Pack
Battery for IBM Thinkpad 380 380D 380E 385 Series Laptops Li Ion 10.8v 3600mAh NEW [Generic]
TENERGY NU77 Cordless Phone Battery
12 Pcs of CR123A Lithium Photo Batteries High capacity 1300mAh
Battery for Toshiba Satellite P10 P15 Series Laptops Li Ion 14.8v 6600mAh NEW [Generic]
Battery for Compaq Armada 3500 Series Laptops Li Ion 10.8v 4500mAH NEW [OEM]
Blinky Lipo Pack Balancer
High capacity NiMH Rechargeable battery package 12 AA 2300 mAh 12 AAA 950 mAh
One NiCd 4 3 Sub C 2300 mAh Rechargeable battery New
Battery for Apple PowerBook G4 17 Aluminum Laptop Li Ion 10.8v 58Whr NEW [OEM]
One CR2 Lithium Photo Battery
High capacity NiMH Rechargeable battery package 4 C 5000 mAh 4 D 10000 mAh
Battery for Dell Inspiron 300M Latitude X300 Series Laptops Li Ion 14.8v 4400mAh NEW [Generic]
Dell Inspiron 7000 7500 Series Laptop Battery Laptop Battery
Battery for Quanta U600A MPC TransPort X1000 Series Laptops Li Ion 14.8v 4400mAh NEW [OEM]
Battery for Acer Travelmate 730 740 Series Laptops Li Ion 11.1v 5880mAh NEW [OEM]
Rechargeable Jumper Starter With Air Compressor
Battery for Acer Aspire 1400 Series Laptop Li Ion 14.8v 5850mAh NEW [Compal OEM]
Dual Use Charger with Two RCRV3 Rechargeable Li Ion Battery (Free Shipping)
Two 8.4V 3000mAh Flat NiMH Battery Pack for AirSoft Rifles (Free Shipping)
Battery for WinBook X1 X2 Series Laptop 14.8v 3200mAh Li Ion NEW [OEM]
Battery for Acer Aspire 1500 Series Laptops Li Ion 14.8v 6450mAh NEW [OEM]
Li Ion 14500 Rechargeable AA size 3.6V 750mAh with Tabs
4 pcs Sc 3500 mAh high capacity High Drain (10C) NiMH Rechargeable battery
Battery for WinBook Si & Si2 Series Laptops Li Ion 14.8v 3600mAh NEW [Generic]
Tenergy Battery for Bosch 2607335032 2607335033 Power Tool Battery
Free Shipping Best Combo BC1HU Universal Smart Worldwide Fast Charger with 26 cell package (8AA 8AAA 4C 4D 2 9V)
4 Li Ion 18650 3.7V 2200 mAh rechargeable batteries
Tenergy Plastic Box for 4 AA Batteries (Batteries sold separately)
4 pcs of 9V NiMH rechargeable Battery
Two BEC Female Connectors
Lithium Ion Digital Camera Battery for Minolta NP200
Polymer Li Ion Battery 3.7V 430mAh
Battery for Kapok 3100 3300 Series Li Ion 11.1v 6000mAh NEW
1 Watt LED Camping Lantern
Battery for SONY VAIO PCG R505 Series Laptops Li Ion 14.8v 2800mAh NEW [Generic]
Battery for SONY VAIO PCG 700 800 900 F FX XG XR Series Laptops Li Ion 14.8v 3000mAh NEW [Generic]
Battery for Acer Ferrari 4000 Series 14.8v 4800mAh NEW
Battery for IBM ThinkPad i1200 i1300 Series Laptops Li Ion 14.4v 3600mAH [Generic]
Smart Universal Battery Pack Charger 7.2V 12V Current Selection
One 9.6V 1100mAh Flat NiMH Battery Pack for Mini AirSoft Guns
WAGAN 110W Smart AC Inverter
One NiCd 8.4V 2100mAh Battery Pack for Airsoft Gun
14.8 volt 2100mAh 15C Li Poly Pack
30W DC DC Regulated Adaptor for Portable DVD Player
Polymer Li Ion Battery 3.7V 6350mAh
4 Pcs F Size 1.2 V 14000 mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
Battery for Dell Inspiron 1000 1200 2200 W5543 14.8v 4400mAh NEW
WAGAN 75W Smart AC Inverter (Free Shipping Special)
11.1 volt 2000mAh 20C Li Poly Pack
18.5 volt 4000mAh 15C 60+ amp
TENERGY NU7 Cordless Phone Battery for Uniden and Southwestern Bell
Battery for Acer TravelMate 370 380 Series Laptops Li Ion 11.1v 4400mAh NEW
Li Ion 14500 Rechargeable AA size 3.6V 750mAh
9.6V NiMH 1100mAh 9.6V Mini Battery Pack for Airsoft TM FNP 90 stock and mod guns
Battery for HP Compaq F4812A F4809A Series Laptops Li Ion 14.8v 4400mAh NEW [Generic]
5 CR2032 Lithium Button Cells
Battery for Sony VAIO PCG TR Series laptops Li Ion 11.1v 6600mAh NEW [Generic]
Battery for Toshiba Satellite A10 A15 Series Laptops 10.8v 4400mAh NEW [Generic]
Protection Circuit Module ( PCB ) for 11.1V Li Ion Battery Pack (3 cells with 6.5A limit )
8 pcs of Sc 3000 mAh high capacity NiMH Rechargeable batteries with tap
Battery for IBM ThinkPad i1400 i1500 Series Laptop Li Ion 10.8v 5400mAH [Generic]
One 7.2V 3300mAh NiMH High Power Battery Pack for RC 10 Cars and Sumo Robots
8 pcs of 9V NiMH rechargeable Battery
Universal AC to DC Adaptor 50W
Battery for Apple PowerBook G4 12 Laptops Li Ion 10.8v 4000mAh NEW [Generic]
2 inch Shrink Wrap Tube
4 pcs of Sc 3300 mAh high capacity NiMH Rechargeable batteries with tap
Tenergy NiMH Battery for Motorola GP68 Two Way Radio


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4 Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 2000 mAh rechargeable batteries

4 Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 2000 mAh rechargeable batteries

Features and Benefits Lithium Ion 18650 cylindrical rechargeable batteries 3.7V 2000mAh high capacity Higher energy density and lower weight than other types rechargeable batteries Manufactured under ISO9001-2000 to assure quality Internal PCB protects against under and over charging- low voltage 2.8, high voltage 4.2. Battery tested based on International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard to ensure capacity, quality and life time Applications Building Laptop Battery Building portable power device needing high energy density and low weight Cautions Use special caution when working with Li-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode if mis-handled. Make sure user has enough knowledge on Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use. We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of these Li-Ion batteries Product Specifications Capacity* Nominal 2000 mAh, Minimum 1950 mAh Dimensions: Diameter 18+/10.2 mm Height 68+/- 0.2mm Weight (Typical) Approx. 46 g yes Nominal Voltage: Average 3.7V Cut-off Voltage: 3.0V Internal Impedance: less or equal to 180 milliohm (with PTC) Cycle Performance: 90% of initial capacity at 400 cycles Cycle life: > 500 cycles Charge: Current = 0.5C mA Voltage = 4.2 V End Current = 0.01 mA Discharge: Current = 0.5C mA End Voltage = 3.0V Max. Charging current: 1.5C ma Max. Discharging current 1.5C ma (for continuous discharge)

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4 Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 2000 mAh rechargeable batteries  Click Here to Read More...

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Shenzhen Evva Technology Co., Limited does not currently advertise comprehensive company & product information with Global Sources. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of company and product information.


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