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One 2 3 A 1100 mAh high capacity NiMH battery with Tap
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Heavy Duty Auto Wet and Dry UltraVac
7 Liter Thermo Electric Fridge Warmer
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Mini LED Camping Lantern
Blinky Lipo Pack Balancer
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Auto Power Vacuum
One Mini Male Tamiya Connector With 18 AWG Silicon Wire
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One Mini Female Tamiya Connector With 14 AWG Silicon Wire
One NiCd 2 3 Sub C 800 mAh Rechargeable battery New
Protection Circuit Module ( PCB ) for 14.8V Li Ion Battery Pack (4 cells with 6.5A limit )
Toshiba Satellite 1405 S151 1405 S171 Laptop Battery
14.8 volt 4000mAh 15C 60+ amp Brick Style
15 Liter Mobile Cooler Warmer
TENERGY NU48 Cordless Phone Battery
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4 Liter Mobile Cooler-Warmer

4 Liter Mobile Cooler-Warmer

Features and Benefits The Hot/Cold Personal Fridge may be small in size, but it works just as well as fridges twice its size! It can hold an entire 6-pack of your favorite drink and is great for keeping sandwiches, fruits, snacks, bottled water, and juice nice and cold and right at your fingertips. With this personal fridge, travelling with a baby has never been easier—holding bottles, perishable food, and even medicine fresh. For the professional photographer, keep your film cool and fresh. The Hot/Cold Personal Fridge is also environemntally friendly, using superior foam insulation and produces no gases or CFCs. Specifications Temperature of Operation (at normal room temperature of 76oF) Cool: 32oF * Heat: 140oF Power Consumption 12V power Cool: 48W Heat: 36W Dimensions LxWxH (in.) 9.88x7.25x11 Power Cord Length 8ft Weight 5lbs * Typical cooling formula is the operating environment less 40-45oF.

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Housmile Thermo - Electric Cooler and Warmer Car Refrigerator Portable Mini Fridge AC & DC, 7 Liter / 12 Can

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Mini Car Fridge / Warmer 12v .14 Cu Ft – 4 Liter Holds 6 Cans

Keep-warm function up to 65 C with fixed point thermostat. * Can be used as a portable cooler/warmer – great for road trips, camping and tailgating. * Useful volume 4 liters. * Trouble-free operation with 12 volts DC. * Low empty weight. 2.1 KG.


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