Battery For Toshiba Satellite Satellite Pro Series Laptops Li Ion 11.1v 4400mAh NEW [Generic] Product

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Battery for Toshiba Satellite-Satellite Pro Series Laptops-Li-Ion 11.1v-4400mAh NEW [Generic]

Battery for Toshiba Satellite-Satellite Pro Series Laptops-Li-Ion 11.1v-4400mAh NEW [Generic]

Toshiba Satellite/Satellite Pro Series Laptop BatteryBattery Specs:Condition: Brand New in bulk packaging. Generic Brand. Made in Taiwan.Warranty: 12 MonthsType: Lithium IonNumber of Cells: 9Color: BlackDimensions: 6.8"" x 2.7"" x 0.7"" (L*W*H)Capacity: 11.1v/4400mAh [Works with 10.8v]Highest quality Japan battery cells100% compatible with original OEM manufacturerAverage run time: More than 2.5 hoursRecharge time: 3.0 hours unit off; 4.5 hours or more unit on (recharge time varies depending on usage)Toshiba web site retail price: $159.20Compatible Toshiba Part Numbers: PA2487 PA2487U PA2487UP PA2487UR PA2487URB PA2487URG [4000mAh] PA2487URM PA2487URN PA2487URP PA3107U PA3107U-1BRS [4500mAh] PA3827UFits Laptop Models:Toshiba Satellite:210 Series 210CDT 220 Series 220CDS 225CDS 230CDS 230CX 235CDS 250 250CDS 300 300 Series 300CDS 300CDS/2 305 305CDS 305CDS/2 305CDT 310 310CDS 310CDS/2 310CDT 310CDT/2 315 315CD 315CDS 315CDS/2 315CDT 315CDT/2 320 320CDS 320CDT 320CT 325 325CDS 325CDT 330 330CDS 330CDT 335 335CDS 335CDT 1400-S151 1400-S152 1405-S151 1405-S152 1405-S171 1405-S172 1410-S105 1410-S106 1410-S173 1410-S174 1415-S105 1415-S106 1415-S115 1415-S119 1415-S173 1415-S174 1415-S199 1500 1555 Series 1555CDS 1800-S202 1800-S203 1800-S204 1800-S207 1800-S253 1800-S254 1900-S274 1805 1805-S154 1805-S203 1805-S204 1805-S207 1805-S253 1805-S254 1805-S273 1805-S274 2000 Series 2060 Series 2060CDS 2065 Series 2065CDS 2100 Series 2100CDS 2100CDT 2100CDX 2105 Series 2105CDS 2115CDS 2140 Series 2140XCDS 2180 Series 2180CDT 2210 Series 2210CDT 2210XCDS 2215CDS 2250 Series 2250CDT 2250XCDS 2400 2400-S201 2400-S202 2400-S251 2400-S252 2405 Series 2405-S201 2410 Small Business Series 2410-S203 2410-S204 2410-S205 2410-S206 2415-S205 2500 Series 2500CDS 2500CDT 2505 Series 2505CDS 2505CDT 2510 Series 2510CDS 2510CDS/4 2515 Series 2515CDS 2515CDS/4 2515CTS 2520 Series 2520CDT 2530 Series 2530CDS 2530CDS/4 2535 Series 2535CDS 2535CDS/4 2540 Series 2540CDS 2540CDS/4 2540CDT 2540XCDT 2545 Series 2545CDS 2545CDS/4 2545CDT 2545XCDT 2545XCDT/4 2590 Series 2590CDS 2590CDS/4 2590CDT 2590XDVD 2595 Series 2595CDS 2595CDS/4 2595CDT 2595XDVD 2600 Series 2610 Series 2610DVD 2615DVD 2655 Series 2655XDVD 2675 Series 2675DVD 2700 Series 2710 Series 2710XDVD 2715 Series 2715DVD 2715XDVD 2750 Series 2750DVD 2755 Series 2755DVD 2755XDVD 2770 Series 2770XDVD 2775XDVD 2800 Series 2800-S201 2800-S202 2805 Series 2805-S201 2805-S202 2805-S301 2805-S302 2805-S401 2805-S402 2805-S503 2805-S603 2900 Series 4000 Series 4000CDS 4000CDS/4 4000CDT 4000SCDS/4 4005 Series 4005CDS 4005CDS/4 4005CDT 4010 Series 4010CDS 4010CDS/4 4010CDT 4015 Series 4015CDS 4015CDS/4 4015CDT 4020 Series 4020CDT 4020CDT/6 4025 Series 4025CDT 4025CDT/6 4030 Series 4030CDT 4030CDT/4 4035 Series 4035CDT 4060 Series 4060CDT 4060CDT/4 4060XCDT 4070 Series 4070CDS 4070CDT 4080 Series 4080XCDT 4080XCDT/6 4085XCDT 4090 Series 4090CDS 4090XCDT 4090XDVD 4090XDVD/6 4100 Series 4100XDVD 4100XDVD/6 4260 Series 4260DVD 4270 4280 Series 4280ZDVD 4280XDVD 4320 Series 4320ZDVD 4340ZDVD 4360ZDVD 4400CDT 4600 T2100CDX.Toshiba Satellite Pro:400 Series 400CDT 400CS 405 Series 405CDT 405CS 410 Series 410CDT 410CS 415 Series 415CE 415CS 420 Series 420CDS 420CDT 425 Series 425CDS 425CDT 430 Series 430CDS 430CDT 430CDX 435 Series 435CDS 435CDT 440 Series 440CDT 440CDX 445 Series 445CDT 445CDX 450 Series 450CDT 450CDX 460 Series 460CDT 460CDX 465CDT 465CDX 470 Series 470CDT 480 Series 480CDT 480CDX 485 Series 485CDT 485CDX 490 Series 490CDT 490CDX 490XCDT 495 Series 495CDT 495CDX 4000 4200 4200ZDVD 4260DVD 4280XDVD 4280ZDVD 4300 4600.Arm Green 735 Spartan Green 735Note: Battery life may vary depending on applications power management settings and features utilized. Recharge time varies depending on usage. Battery may not charge while computer is consuming full power. After a period of time the battery will lose its ability to perform at maximum capacity and will need to be replaced. This is normal for all batteries.

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Battery for Toshiba Satellite-Satellite Pro Series Laptops-Li-Ion 11.1v-4400mAh NEW [Generic]  Click Here to Read More...

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Battery For Toshiba Satellite Satellite Pro Series Laptops Li Ion 11.1v 4400mAh NEW [Generic] Dispatches

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