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One NiCd Sub C 2100 mAh Rechargeable battery

One NiCd Sub C 2100 mAh Rechargeable battery

Features and BenefitsHigh quality Sub C Size rechargeable NiCd battery. Flat Top.Provides long use time per charge with this high 2100 mAh capacityDesigned for enhanced performance for high drain applications such as emergence lighting, portable devices, power tools.Trusted ""Tenergy"" Battery Brand for performance and reliabilityExcellent quality and best price.Technical SpecificationsChemistry: NiCdCapacity: 2100mAhVoltage: 1.2VDimensions (Diameter x Height) 23 x 43 mmWeight: 1.8 oz

All-Battery > Ni-CD BatteriesSub C Size NiCd Rechargeable Battery Series;AA Holder

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One NiCd Sub C 2100 MAh Rechargeable Battery Briefs

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Proposals for renewable electricity generation in Colorado are coming in cheap, like, $21/MWh-cheap for wind and battery storage. Though there are a few caveats to those numbers, federal incentives and quickly falling costs are combining to make once ...


Here’s Where You Can Recycle Rechargeable Batteries in Arlington

While regular batteries made of zinc carbon and alkaline can be thrown away, rechargeable batteries must be recycled, otherwise they might burn in the trash or cause ecological issues. To prevent a possible a fire at home, rechargeable batteries along with ...


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A single LEAF powertrain doesn’t have enough grunt to propel the bus, so the Japanese team decided to use three sets of batteries and motors. The only proprietary part needed is a dedicated gearbox. Tests of the Yoka ECO Bus are expected to begin in ...


Lithium makers for EV batteries get a dedicated hedge fund

LONDON-- Will Smith, a former partner at Michael Hintze’s investment firm CQS U.K., is starting a hedge fund that will bet on companies whose products and services will benefit from a boom in electric cars. The Westbeck Electric Metals Fund is expected ...


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